About Us

It gives us immense pleasure to invite your participation in all holy services of  Sri Sudarshana Seva Samithi.

The Samithi has conducted 108 Sri Sudarshana Divyaprabandha Gnana Yagnas all over India and Nepal from 1992 to 1998. In addition to that, the Samithi has conducted 1008 Sri Sudarshana  Homams  all over India, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia,  Hong Kong England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and all over USA and performed Sri Sudarshana Homa & Chakara Snana at Kailash Manasarovar.

We have taken up the following activities. We invite your support & Suggestion.

  1. Establishing Sri Sudarshana Yaga & Yoga Centre in Bangalore to provide Education in Vedic Tradition & Culture
  2. Establishing Sri Githa Mandiram at Kurukshetra with 108 Rooms along with a Temple of Sri Parthasarathi, Sri Shankara, Sri Ramanuja & Sri Madhvarcharya.
  3. Distributing Sri Sudarshana Deepams as Koti Deepa Aradhana of Sri Venkateswara !
  4. Conducting Divyaprabandotsava – Chanting and discourses at various Divyakshetras to promote, propagate and practice divine life as graced by Alwars Andal & Acharyas.
  5. Renovating 1000 years old Sri Krishna Temple at Krishnankoil near Srivilliputtur.
  6. Maintaining Sri Thiruvengadamudayan Temple of ”Bhagawata Kshetram” Vadakarai
  7. Maintaining  Sri Venkateswara Temple at Jor bagh New Delhi.
  8. Conducting regular pilgrimage tours on non profit basis to Muktinath,Badrinath, Manasarovar and other Divyakshetrams all over India.

To ensure prompt services at our temples and Schools built and supported by our Samithi, we would like to raise capital as Corpus Fund. We will deposit the contributions into our corpus fund Account. The interest of the fund will be utilized for the above said project expenditure of the Samithi.

We appeal to you to make one time contribution of Rs. 1008 towards Corpus Fund.   Please join us and extend your valuable contribution. Check / Draft should be  in the name of Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi  payable at Bangalore and mail to this address:                         Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi  11, 17th A Cross, 13th A Main, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560 055 Phone: 91-80-23361582 Email: srisudarsana@yahoo.co.in

We are looking forward to have your support and suggestions for our noble acts.

Yours in the service of Sri Sudarshana!
Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi.


  • To conduct Sudarshan Yagnas all over the world for Universal Welfare, Peace and Prosperity.
  • To extend Spiritual services through establishing centers for Yoga and Yaga
  • To train youth for self employment in traditional services like priest hood, vedic astrology etc.
  • Co-ordinating service projects for the development of communities in Village and rural areas
  • To publish Books , articles on ancient Indian Tradition & Culture