Divya Prabandham

Bhaktaamrutam Viswajanaanumodanam !  Namaamyaham Dravida Veda Saagaram !!

Divyaprabandha Parishad is one of the projects of Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi founded by Sudarshana Sreeman S.Venkatesa Iyengar Swami at Bangalore, India. The Samithi in India  has conducted 108 Sri Sudarshana Divyaprabandha Gnaana Yagnams, 1008 Sri Sudarshana Homams and  many more Spiritual activities all over India to promote, propagate, preserve and practise our Vedic Tradition and Culture.

The Parishad has taken hundreds of devotees to various Divyadesams like Badrinath, Muktinath, Naimisaraynam, Ayodhya, Dwaraka, Thirumala, Srirangam, Kumbakonam & Srivilliputtur and organized mass chanting of Divyaprabandham by goshttees led by Sri. U.Ve. Sriman T. A. Gopala Iyengar Swami of J.P.Nagar & Vidushi Smt. Rama Srinivasan of Gayatri nagar, Bangalore.

The USA Chapter of the Samithi

Apart from conducting Sri Sudarshana Homams, Sri Venkatesa Iyengar has conducted Divyaprabandhotsavam at various temples in USA from the year 2000. We started our USA Chapter with chanting of Divyaprabandham on Sri Nammalwar Jayanthi on July 12, 2011  at residence of Sriman Dr. Mudumbi Ramagopalacharyulugaru.

We are not associated with any organizations or Acharyas other than Sri Swami Nammalwar who is worshipped by all Acharyas. As such sishyas of all Sampradayam are cordially invited to join us and extend their support for our service with unity & integrity.

There is no restriction and any one interested can join.

Our Activities

1  We have created a yahoo group for communications. To Subscribe to this yahoo group, please contact Govindarajan to become a member.

2 To teach / learn Divyaprabandham, we have created an account to access a free Telebridge for 24/7 use. After becoming a member, if you are interested in learning Divyaprabandham on Telebridge, please send a email to Govindarajan for the phone number and the access code for Telebridge. Ladies are encouraged to participate since this is an opportunity to learn divya prabandham from home with their husbands.
The recordings of classes are available on line at prabandham.

The telephone charge incurred to connect to the Telebridge phone number is to be borne by the participant.

3. We will conduct pilgrimage tour every year from USA to Divyadesams in India & Nepal.

How can you join / support ?

We wish to dedicate our services for the welfare of those members and their family. We invite you to join us and encourage your friends and relatives. Kindly send your name, address, contact phone No, email id and a check for $51-00 towards minimum contribution. Please write your check in the name of “srisudarsana seva samithi”  and send to P.O Box – 201723, Austin, TX 78720-1723.  Phone: 512 535 4100

For details please contact:

Sri. Venkatesa Iyengar.
Email: Venkatesa Iyengar