Our activities in Feb. March, April, May, June 2011.

Dear devotees,

We cordially invite you to participate in any one or all of the following activities:

1. Sri Sudarshana Yagna will be performed at Badrawathi & Hanakal in Karnataka on the auspicious of Magha Purnima on 18th to 20th Feb.2011.

2. Pancha Dwaraka Yatra will be undertaken from 27th Feb to 6th March 2011.

3. Sri Maha Sudarshana Yagnam and Sri Rama Maha Kratu from 4th April ( Ugadi day ) to 12th April ( Sri Ramanavami day ) at AYODHYA, UP.

4. Muktinath yatra from 8th may to 23rd May 2011. 16 days with Sri Sudarshana Homam at Muktinath and Upanyasam by s.Venkatesan Swamigal

5. visiting USA from 16th May to 10th June 2011 Places of visit: Las Angels, San Jose, Denver, Austin, Houston Texas.

6. Kailash Manasarovar yatra from 13th June to 30th June 2011 & Brahma Yagnam at Kailash Manasarovar for 3 days.

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